Sunday, October 2, 2011

pregnancy: week 37.

let's pretend i posted this yesterday. ok? thanks. 

i'm 38 weeks [still] pregnant today!

symptoms: nothing new.

contractions: few and far between.

eating: normal.

weight gain: i actually lost weight since last week. 36 lbs. gained total.

doctor-y stuff: everything still looks good. my strep b test came back negative so that's good. IH's heart beat was in the 130s-low 140s. like always. the doc's guess is that isaac henry is weighing in at 7 1/2 lbs. right now. we go back next friday if we don't have a baby by then.

i also found out that my doctor will induce a week after the due date. he said that the babe is receiving benefits [health insurance? paid vacation?] until 39 weeks and if we induce before the due date there will be a high likelihood i'll have to have a c-section just because my bod isn't ready. and he said if we wait much longer than that isaac henry will likely outgrow my pelvis also leading to a c-section. i DO NOT want a c-section because i want a whole gaggle of kids, so let's just pray that isaac henry comes on his own. because i repeat, i DO NOT want a c-section.

now with all that being said, our son will be here in 3 weeks max. he could come tomorrow [but please don't because my greatest fear is my water breaking at church. who's gonna clean that up? despite popular belief, i really don't want to cause a scene. but we sit right in the middle of the middle. there's no way that people would be able to ignore that kind of thing.] anyway, he could come tomorrow, but he will definitely be here within 3 weeks.

everything's ready.

and we wait.

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  1. EEEKKK!!! I bet you are so anxious to see that little boy thang! I'm so excited for you and Bryant and IH!!


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