Thursday, October 6, 2011

just an ordinary day.

the sheets just came out of the dryer.

the house is tidy enough. we live here, it's not a museum. so i really don't feel the need for it to look like no one lives here. i mean, i don't wanna live a lie!

honey bunches of oats for breakfast while i browsed the interwebs.

i'm wearing pajama pants. because it's acceptable when you're freaking pregnant.

putting up the last few things from our fourth and final baby shower.

reading her daughter's dream. while laying on the couch in my new and improved bonus room.

i'll show you the said bonus room when it's finished. hopefully this weekend. pending the arrival of our new roommate.

i might do some crafting later. but maybe not, cause then i'd have to clean up my mess. and i'm not about that.

gonna eat lunch with my momma. yesterday she got me another pedicure. cause she loves me. and i'm spoiled.

i put together the pack 'n play. i keep looking at my waterbed belly and asking isaac "is today your birthday?" he doesn't answer, cause he can't talk yet.

if he could, i might freak out a tad.

my husband is taking me on a hott date tonight. 4 words: never. ending. pasta. bowls. and then 3 more words: pumpkin. spice. latte.

so, i'm just minding my own business and then i smell something burning. i haven't lit any candles today..

that would be bryant's favorite water bottle.. that i melted in the dishwasher.

and the award for best housewife of the year goes to..


  1. Don't panic you can buy a new lid and he will never know!! Trust me :)

  2. UGHHHH i want never ending pasta!!!

    if i wasn't 9 hours away, i'd totally date crash!!


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