Tuesday, October 25, 2011

isaac henry's birth story.

beware! wordy post ahead. turn back now if you must, but i gotta document all the deets.

saturday, october 15 [the big due date] i had been having contractions for 2 hours every 2 minutes. i wouldn't call them painful, but they were uncomfortable. and all the professionals live by the 5-1-1 rule. contractions every 5 minutes, lasting a minute, for an hour means it's showtime. so off we went to the hospital.

they monitored me for an hour. told me i was in labor, but not enough pain so i needed to go on home. they said to come back when i couldn't walk or talk through contractions.

sunday, october 16, i had contractions all through church. big time through lunch. and then sporadically throughout the day. nothin' that i couldn't walk or talk through..

i had a doctor's appointment monday, october 17 [isaac henry's birthday!]. bryant and i had decided that if the doc would induce me, we were gonna do it. so when he asked, "do you have any questions?" i said, "when can we get this kid out?" he told me he'd send me over right then if i wanted. i wanted.

i wasn't having contractions. i felt great. and fully expected to be in labor for 24 hours. being that i'm a first timer and all. so we checked into the hospital.

they actually rolled me up in a wheelchair. which i thought was absolutely ridiculous since i wasn't in active labor, but whatevs.

i was dilated to 2 1/2, maybe 3. at about 10 am they started my IV. boo IVs. my momma arrived at the hospital. at 11 am they started my pitocin drip, to get the contraction party started.

at 12ish, the doc broke my water. interesting feeling. like you're peeing without trying. and you can't quit. anyway, after that i started feeling stuff going on. manageable pain. no biggie.

btw, i was starting to get hot. like sweaty, miserable, hot. not like, ooh look at that lady, she's hott.

and then at 2ish, i felt like i needed to poop my pants. sorry that's not a pretty picture. but i doubt you're surprised that i said i needed to poop, being that i'm the delicate flower that i am.

so off to the toilet. with my IV pole. and my dear husband holding all my chords, tubes, etc. so i sit on the toilet for what i thought was 15 minutes, but was later informed it was about 45 minutes. and i was sweating profusely so i stripped down to butt naked. no gown for me, thanks.

the nurse asked me if i wanted to put it back on. i said no, to which she responded "alright. i'm good if you're good." naked lindsey jo = good.  

and it was on the throne where i started to experience some real pain. turns out that it wasn't poop that needed to come out. it was my son. i finally got to the point of no return and i asked for my lover, mr. epidural. i'm no hero, gimme tha drugs.

soo, they came in to place my epidural. and sittin' on the toilet had helped me to progress to 7 whole centimeters. by the time they had it placed i was dilated to 9.

within 30 minutes, i was 10. they let me hang out and contract for a while to "naturally" force isaac henry out. i didn't mind, because i couldn't feel a thing. it was glorious. also important to note, after the epidural i went from burning up to freezing. that's when the labor socks entered the picture.

don't mind me. i'm just talking to my baby daddy and having contractions that are off the charts.

at some point during all this my dad, bryant's dad and mom, ang [my momma's bff], kayla, and my mammaw and pap arrived. i think this must have occurred during my pain/sittin' on tha toilet.

shannon showed up. right in the nick of time. she got to see all the action. BHH.

i started pushing at about 4:45. i watched the whole thing in a mirror. it was super cool. he just came on out at 5:23 pm.

8 lbs. 9 oz. 20 1/2 inches long. gorgeous. he cried real good. and he looks like his daddy. it was love at first sight. 

then we ate steak and shake.

if all inductions were that easy, i'd do it that way every time.

i am so thankful that i get to be a parent to isaac henry. what a gift! i never thought i'd whisper so many prayers of thanksgiving for good poops in one week. it's amazing how motherhood changes you immediately. but, i am loving this whole being a momma thing. i love this kid so much. i just wanna sniff him and stare at him and jiggle his chubby cheeks.

he's awesome and he's mine.


  1. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it!

    Congrats on your sweet little dude!

  2. Babies are the best. I have three little girls and cherish each and every birth experience I had with them.

  3. this is the sweetest thing ever! congrats, he is absolutely presh!

  4. love the story! i was induced too and it was fabulous, however i didn't have any toilet episodes i did have the hot/cold episodes. we turned the air down so low in my room that the nurses were shivering! btw it was feb. too!

  5. aww what a great story! Congrats, He is a cutie!

  6. So precious! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lindsey and Bryant:
    Congrats - from your Aunt Sally. Can't wait to come down to TN to see you all. I talked to Grandma Sheri and she is so excited.
    Love You.
    Aunt Sally


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