Thursday, October 27, 2011



  1. those are the sweetest little hiccups! awww he is just absolutely a doll. hope you are enjoying every minute of motherhood!

  2. This is confirmation. I'm in love with this kid! What precious little hiccups...he was just sucking on that pacifier like there was no tomorrow. =)
    Oh my goodness, he is so sweet LJ! And I think Isaac Henry knows he is one lucky fellow to have such a great mama.

  3. my heart is melted on the floor.

    He's wonderful!!! I hope he loves hiccups as much as I do!!!!

    I can't wait to meet him!!!

  4. oh my gosh!!! cutest thing i have ever seen! ever! wow! He's just so goodlooking! And hiccups! wow! blown away! i'm in love! hope he hiccups for me and ann!!


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