Friday, October 14, 2011

Bry-Day Friday

Fun news... I've decided to just add myself to Lindsey Jo's blog and post whenever I want... but probably on Fridays... think of it as Bry-day Fridays.  Reason?  If I had my own blog you wouldn't be reading this.  In fact, you probably only care some about me because you care most about her... or even Isaac Henry.  I'm good with that and intend to ride their coat-tails straight to your heart.  Better a coat tail than a horse tail... stinky.

You might recall that I played in a tennis league.  Lindsey Jo didn't go into too much detail, but suffice it to say I was the only person under 45 in this league.  It was awesome.  Here's a picture of me swinging somewhere near a ball for proof I'm not lying about playing.  Unfortunately, no pictures of my competitors were taken so I just might be lying about being in a league.  You'll never care know.  Also notice I'm off the ground showing just the subtle hint of midriff (honestly I have never spelled midriff before and had to look it up).  Scroll quickly if you don't want to be tempted.
I hadn't played tennis in over a year.  And my last opponent was Lindsey Jo, and she likes to "play for fun".  I like to play for blood keeps victory glory fun too but just a different type of fun.  Needless to say (but people always say stuff after saying this phrase, weird huh?), I had my booty handed to me by the first two super seniors.  I like to tell myself that they are retired and do nothing but play tennis, which may all be true, but at the end of the day... no excuses, play like a champion.

And that's exactly what I did from there on out defeating one guy twice my age after defeating another guy three times (thrice?) my age and so forth.  I just squeaked into the tournament of the top four players.  The first round was against the first guy who beat me.  After three sets I handed him his first loss of the summer, and I moved on to the championship against the other guy who beat me.  After we could find a court that didn't have 7 years olds learning to swing a racquet we commenced la cham-peen-ship.

Have people ever told you a game was close but the score didn't reflect it?  I now believe those losers people.  Almost every game went to deuce.  I lost but can't be upset about how I lost.  These guys have been playing the game over 40 years.  I haven't even been coherent half that long.  These guys know how to play with wisdom which only comes with years of practice.

Well... I get an e-mail saying that my trophy was ready to be picked up.  I was soooo excited!  I haven't been given a trophy in nearly a decade.  I knew exactly where it was going to go: on my desk at work for all to bask in my tennis near-excellence.  I picked the trophy up from the league coordinator, start walking to my car, and glance once more at the 3-inch high culmination of my hard work versus the retirees.  I noticed it says "Champion" on it.  Weird, maybe they all say that... after all "not champion/runner-up" sucks.

Side story.  I received a trophy in high school for tennis that said "MVP" like with quotes... ""MVP"".  Almost as if to say "we are just going to call you 'MVP', but you really aren't THE MVP."

Back to my main story.  I ask the coordinator if they all say "Champion" or if he just handed me the wrong trophy...

He had written down the scores incorrectly.

He said they didn't have the budget for runner-up trophies.  I didn't get a trophy... which I guess is better than the second possible outcome to my story: I stole the champion's trophy.  I'd argue that the second outcome is much sadder.

I can't tell you how excited I am though to have a little boy to teach how to serve a ball with wicked awesome spin, kick a soccer ball, field a baseball, and maybe English and Math if there's time.


  1. BAHAHA!!! I love it!!

    I had to scroll very quickly through the midriff picture... that was a close one!

    So sorry about your trophy being taken away. It kind of reminds me of kanye west trying to take Taylor Swift's award from her...

    Have a good Bry-Day!

  2. Hilarious!!! Super excited for future BryDay Fridays!!!
    AND SUPERDUPER excited for IH to slide on outta Lindsey jo!!


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