Sunday, October 23, 2011

breastfeeding: techy style.

have i've mentioned before that our church fam rocks? well, they do. and they've been bringing us dinner. so last night, around dinner time, isaac henry was sleeping so bry-daddy and i decided to sneak a little nap in.

we had been napping downstairs for about an hour. and meghan texted me to tell me what time she was coming over with dinner. in my 5 days as a mom i've already grown accustomed to taking the noisy thing [i.e. isaac] and puttin' it on my boob. so in my drowsy, just woken by a text state, i raised my shirt and stuck that noisy iphone to my nipple.

i tried to nurse my smart phone. 

bryant had just woken up too. he was drowsy. he saw me. he didn't think it was strange.

funny stuff happens when you're a parent.

and here's a picture of the pooper of the year..

i may have just birthed the most beautiful man in the world. 

i'll try to post his birth story soon. i've just had my hands full feeding my son and my phone.


  1. you nursed your iphone?!?!! that is the most hilarious thing i've ever heard! hahaha

    also, your little man is so so handsome!

  2. hes perfect. & you just cracked me up. cant beat that duo.

    luh you. =]

  3. I have to come out of the blog stalking sphere to tell you that you have THE cutest baby boy I've seen in a LONG time...or maybe ever.

    AND - I'm just to prove I'm not a total blog stalking creep, we did meet in person at the P.W. signing in Memphis...I'm the crazy one who wrote Cowboy Josh a letter. :) Congrats on your baby boy.

  4. Oh Ljo....You always make my days good when I read your blogs. I have seriously laughed for several minutes now, and I am sure later on I will rethink this blog and laugh again. IH is absolutely the most handsome little man in the world. What a blessing.

  5. Wait until you nurse him laying down and wake-up thinking that you lost him in the bed because he can't be found anywhere...only to realize in your sleep deprived state you had put him back in his bed already!

  6. I think I just peed my pants! That is soooo funny! I've never done that but I did wash my hair 4 times with conditioner!

  7. Why am I just now hearing about this?!? That should have been one of the first things that you told me when I walked in the door. too finny!!


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