Tuesday, October 11, 2011

bonus room.

i decorated the bonus room. it actually serves as more than a treadmill/bowflex room now. and it's pretty cute for a cheap-o redo.

here's the room. labeled for your convenience.

 so essentially, we moved a couch up there and hung curtains and some stuff on the wall.

but it's amazing what that does to a room.

i think bry is gonna build a side table for beside the couch. cause he's a master carpenter and all.

i'm loving my pallet art! 

and that's my cute new bonus room. it will probably continue to morph into who knows what.

i like change. but i think i'm content for now.  


  1. I love the orange couch!! I should find me one of them there things :)

  2. I love your "bind my wandering heart to Thee" sign! Thanks for sharing!


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