Saturday, September 24, 2011

pregnancy: week 36.

we made it to full-term! 37 weeks pregnant today and that means isaac henry is welcome to come anytime.

week 36 was good. 

symptoms: the same ole stuff.

cravings/eating: apples. i've been wanting apples for a few weeks now, i just forgot to tell you.

weight gain: 39 pounds.

doctor-y stuff: i had my strep b test this week. everything is progressing just fine. i'm 1 centimeter dilated, so those contractions have been doing something.

movement: still hiccuping everyday. isaac henry's an active little guy.

other stuff: we got a lot done this week. the carseat is in the car. the hospital bag/diaper bag is packed. the nursery is finished and organized [i'll show it to ya this week!]. we had maternity pictures taken. we returned some duplicate shower gifts. we bought all the stuff we think we need.

and now, we wait. i'm ready to have this kiddo! i'm not miserable, so it's fairly easy to be patient. i just want to get my hands on him!


  1. I think you are amazing! I just have my 2 stepboys. Never had one of my own. You just look like a natural mom :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL- I love you Jo, ou're so pretty and we are so proud of you... just a little longer and we'll all get to see Mr. Isaac Henry :-) Hang in there, these last nights without having to get up to feed & change diapers you better enjoy- those sleepless nights are coming to a home near you soon... no not your home, someone elses! - ( I hope for your sake!)Love you tell Bryant we love him & tell little Isaac we love him too! ttyl. - momma

  3. Everybody should be as beautiful as you are when they are pregnant.
    Much love in Christ!
    :o) mg

  4. um. you look incredible!

    37 weeks pregnant?! lies. all lies. no one looks that good pregnant full term. snap, woman!

    Also, tell Isaac Henry that I'm pretty much planning on come home for Thanksgiving just so I can smoosh him with love. Not literally, of course. I'm not like Ann, I don't actually want to hurt your kid!


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