Monday, September 19, 2011

pregnancy: week 35.

can we pretend for a minute that i'm on top of things over here and i posted this in pregnancy update right on time? thanks.

we were super busy this weekend. but let me tell ya something. i'm 36 weeks pregnant. and a few days. but there's no need to split hairs. but seriously, 26 more days 'til the due date.

week 35 was good. the weeks go by so fast when you're counting them.

symptoms: contractions are getting a little more intense. read: painful. i think i'm gonna have a babe. and all the same ole stuff. plus some stuff that the internet doesn't need to know about cause i'm a lady.

cravings/eating: nothing to write home about.

the state of my bod: lots o' stretch marks and a flat belly button. things are just interesting when there is someone living inside of you.

other stuff: i really have enjoyed this pregnancy, but i must confess there is something that i am missing a lot right now. wearing my wedding rings. i miss them but my poor fingers are too swollen. 

we had our 3rd baby shower saturday and got lots of great things! this kid is spoiled already. i'll tell you more about that in it's own post.

to do this week: organize/finish up the nursery. get the last few things we need. maternity pictures. doctor appointment to check my cervix.. doesn't that sound fun?!

next week i'm "full-term" and isaac henry is welcome to come anytime. isn't that crazy?!


  1. You look fabulous!! I'm so excited that you are about to start the journey of Parenthood. Don't be scured it's fun times.

  2. I love you so much! You are beautiful!

  3. Adorb! And about the swelling... try to stay away from stuff with a lot of salt in it and drink tons of water. I used to make a "tea" out of parsley leaves which helped me get rid of some of that fluid when I was pg.


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