Saturday, September 3, 2011

pregnancy: week 33.

34 weeks pregnant today!

week 33 was super uneventful.

no new symptoms. still having the occasional contraction.

craved reese's puffs cereal.

also,  we don't know how to take care of babies. so that's good, since we could have this one in like 3 weeks. so, we read some parenting books and we feel a little better. hopefully parenting really will come natural. that's what everyone keeps telling us anyway.

i feel like i need to be preparing stuff, but i don't know what else there is to prepare. so i'm relishing in this time when i don't have to be on a routine or have a ton of responsibilities..

i think after our next [and last] baby shower i will really buckle down and get things done. i guess i don't have much of a choice. we're getting down to the nitty-gritty now!

onto week 34! 


  1. It will come naturally. It's something to worry about now, but really, you'll see the baby and it just kicks in. You won't even realizing you're doing it, and BAM! you're taking care of a baby! Sort of like breathing. :-)

  2. I just packed and repacked the hospital bag 30 times!


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