Wednesday, September 28, 2011

just some random stuff that's going on.

ya know those little precious moments when you are reminded that you and your spouse are made for one another? i had one of those a few days ago.

bry came home and looked at me and said "you look pretty." i said, "thanks? i didn't try to." because what i really looked was sloppy/lazy/probably not very pretty. and he said, "i like when you look comfy."

that's awesome. cause i like being comfy. and essentially he just gave me an open invitation to not get dressed. hallelujah. you are indeed the man for me bryant neal.

dear pumpkin spice latte, you are delicious. and i will drink another one of you soon. but only because i have a gift card. you're good, but you're not that good.

ok, maybe you are that good. but i'm a cheapo.

i sewed a nursing cover. it turned out alright. pretty cute. it was one of the last getitdonebeforeyoursonarrives projects i had.

i don't know if it'll work, but we'll try it. cause it was free. and did i mention that i'm a cheapo?

my dear mother suggested that i make name tags or something for the VIPs on isaac henry's birthday.

so i did, because i'm obedient and i honor my father and mother and i will live long on the earth.

pretty cute, huh? there's probably a million other VIPs but i'm lazy. this kid has more aunts than he's gonna know what to do with.. and i only made tags for the ones who are most likely gonna be at the hospital.

i recently saw a quote on pinterest that said something to the effect of, "i'm good at a lot of things. none of which generate any income." truer words have never been spoken.

not to toot my own horn, but one thing i'm awesome at: putting contacts in. i can do it without a mirror in a few seconds flat. i'm pretty much a pro. bryant always takes approximately a millennium to put in his contacts and i always criticize him. yesterday it took me 5 tries to get my contact in. 5 tries! what's the world coming to?? that'll show me to criticize.

i went to the library. and of course they didn't have the book i wanted. because they never have the book i want. i really think that they watch for me to show up and then run and take all the books i wanna read off the shelf.

so i got a nicholas sparks book.

i'm not super excited about it. but his books are easy reads. it'll have to do until i can check out a book i actually want.

one last thing..

these are good, real good. they taste like those caramel apple suckers. only tiny.

and happy birthday anna!


  1. You are a blogging hurricane, girl. I love you and like the name tags. (Thanks for making the guys a little more masculine-sometimes less is more.)

  2. I liked this blog. It was full of everything I like. You and Bry's cuteness. Your craftyness and cookin skills. Your humor.

    However, I do not like that there is no name tag for Auntie Em!

    I know. I know. I'm a bazillion miles away and can't leave cuz of a stupid thing called class. BUT! Hank needs to know who his favorite Auntie is!

    Make me a name tag, stick it on the sock monkey, and take it to the hospital. Hank's young and naive. He won't know the difference. And when the real Auntie Em arrives, we'll make a switch. He'll never know the difference!


    (Also, are the labor socks packed? I'm not obsessive or anything...)

    I'm not so gifted at putting in contacts w/o a mirror. Glad to know you struggle sometimes like us ordinary people!

  3. I was gonna suggest for your nursing cover something like plastic to slide into the top between the two straps that go around your neck so that you can see under the cover while he's nursing. If you have to whip it out in public you'll be thankful you can see his progress!! I love your blog!!! I'm like a giddy kid when you post stuff :)


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