Wednesday, September 21, 2011

isaac henry's third baby shower.

my momma and her bestie threw isaac henry another baby shower saturday.

it was wonderful! this kid has so much stuff and enough clothes to last him 'til kingdom come. or at least until he grows out of 6-9 month stuff.

we had petit fours cause we're fancy. but i was under the impression that petit fours are petit. shows how often i eat swanky desserts. they were huge.

the theme was "cute as a button" hence the buttons on the gigantic fours.

bry was my professional photographer. he happened to capture a picture of every gift i opened. i happened to be talking in every picture he captured. soo, in the majority of the pictures it looks like i'm having a seizure/have had a stroke.

this one isn't too bad, plus you get to see my cute diaper bag..

we got so much stuff. 

nanny and papa may have gone a little overboard..

remember, they've also given IH gifts at my other showers. they don't like him at all.  except for that i just lied. they are obsessed with him.

in fact, i may have to wrestle my own offspring away from them.

here's me talking to some of my faves..

i also love shan and bry's facials in that picture. it really is the perfect picture to represent their relationship.

here's me and kay..

love her.

isaac henry's grandmas..

grandma and nanny.

and my grandmas..

mawmaw and nana. mammaw had already flown the coop.

and here's one of me and my handsome husband, just for good measure.

and believe it or not, i've already got all the schtuff organized, cause i'm on top of things over here.

or at very least, i'm good at pretending.


  1. you're so cute! it's always so fun to get new things for the baby!

  2. You totally racked up!! I can't wait to see that sweet baby face!


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