Tuesday, September 27, 2011

isaac henry's nursery.

i know, finally.

i would like to start with a plea for you not to judge me cause you know i'm no good taking pictures of inanimate objects. and photographing an entire room is extremely difficult.

with that being said, here's my cutie's room..

looking in from the door..

it's his crib, yo.

and i know pillows suffocate children, so those will be removed once there is a child present. they were originally on the big bed that we had in the room before my hormonal break down and now they have no where to permanently reside. i do not regret that decision. there is now more room for activities.

the glider and book shelf.. 

looking back out into the room from beside the book shelf.

here's the view from standing in front of the closet..

and here's the inside of his closet..

so many little clothes!

and that's it. i love his room and think it's presh.

so only say nice things about it.


  1. I love, love, love his room! I do have one piece of advice though. I would take his diaper genie out of the closet when you start changing those bad boys. Just trust me :)

  2. love it. now... where will I sleep when I come up and wanna cuddle with IH? In his bed??? :)

  3. jamie, we probably won't use the diaper genie since we're cloth diapering. it was a hand-me-down. right now, the closet is serving as a catch-all..

    ann, yeah you can crawl in the crib with him. you should fit, you're pretty small. :)

  4. YEAH!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! COME ON ISAAC HENRY!!!!
    His room looks adorable. Great job Mama Coker. IH has an awesome crib.
    Now I'm ready to meet the little man. =)


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