Wednesday, September 7, 2011

huuump day.

i slept way too late this morning. but it's gloomy outside and i did all my chores yesterday, so it doesn't really matter.

i'm ready for fall. it means less sweat and more soup. i love soup. i'm thinking tomorrow will include chili for dinner. i would fix it tonight, but we're gonna have chicken and biscuit leftovers. equally delicious.

it's been in the 50s this week. i wish it would stay this cool, but alas it will be back up in the 80s next week. what a tease.

regardless of the sweltering heat and how sweaty i am, i put out my fall decor this last weekend.

and i'm smelling this fall-y candle.

tonight our community groups at church start back up. i'm so excited. i love our community!

so today i made some cookies to take with us tonight. ya know, to celebrate.  

i may have tested one. or 5.

i have a problem. also, it appears the cookies are safe to eat.

also, i feel like i'm in a blogging funk right now. please don't leave me or forsake me. i'm in a fragile state and there's no tellin' what your abandonment might do to me.
i'll blog at ya saturday for an update on my son's gestation. over and out, yo.


  1. I won't leave you! Those cookies are making me hungry!

  2. I've had that same writer's block... but I won't leave... I'm just a little addicted.


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