Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hey you.

are you ready for the most random post ever?!

well, i've cleaned the whole house. and i mean all of it. like baseboards and blinds and things nobody ever cleans.

or maybe everybody but me cleans those things regularly? eh.

other than that i've been doing not much. really, my thoughts are consumed with the fact that tomorrow is september 15. that's one month from october 15, which would be my son's due date, in case you haven't heard. cuh-razy. 

now, here's some iphone pictures for your viewing pleasure.

best husband ever? i think so. i can't reach my toes. so he painted them for me. presh.

that was a few weeks ago. now they are a nice deep red. courtesy of my madre and the pedicure-ist that she paid. thanks momma!

last week, i got my free chic-fil-a breakfast.

oh, cfa. you never fail to make me a more committed customer. i love you and your delish chicken. p.s. i applaud you for being closed on sundays but i always seem to want you more on those days.

this last weekend was a chores and lazy weekend. how is that possible? do your chores, then be lazy.

we watched some friday night lights on netflix. i like it pretty good, bry isn't quite convinced. but now i'm invested and i'm sad that it was canceled.

that being said, i'm excited about fall t.v. coming back. i've missed our shows. 
saturday evening we went to a wedding. i grew up with the bride, victoria. we went to church together for years. her dad was a deacon and my dad the pastor, so we were the DK and PK. pretty much church royalty. no big deal.   

the wedding was beautiful. and they left married, so i consider it a success.

and that's pretty much all that's been going on in my neck of the woods.

have a good hump day y'all. not that kind of hump. or maybe. but only if you're married. go forth and multiply. amen and hallelujah.   


  1. What a sweet husband! Michael did that for me too. Love these men!

  2. thanks for the reminder of how I can only celebrate one aspect of hump day! Need that accountability in case I get the itch.

    Also, I love the sweet things Bryant does for you! Ya'll are so stinkin adorbs! If I ever get hitched, I'm sending my man straight to yours for husband lessons. Tell him to go ahead and start planning the curriculum! But there's no rush. really.


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