Friday, September 30, 2011

a glimpse at what our offspring may look like.

as the arrival of isaac henry draws nearer and nearer, my anticipation of what he looks like sky rockets. i've always wondered what my kids will look like, but now i actually have a kid that looks like something so it's even more exciting.

i thought i'd share a few baby pictures of bryant and myself since isaac henry is the product of our passionate act of combining DNA and he's bound to share some characteristics with us. and that way, you can have some idea of who he looks like when he gets out here.

the good news is that we're both pretty dang good-lookin' [which i'm sure comes as no shock to you] so unless there is some kind of genetic mutation, our son is gonna be a hunk.

brace yourself for picture overload. bryant edition.

ok, so it's not a baby picture per se, but..

wait, is that a chapter book? so advanced.

he's 5 months old here.. 

really? what a cutie!

michelin man alert!

and possibly my favorite baby picture of bryant..

censored for his privacy of course. baby gone wild! 
and now for picture overload. lindsey jo edition.

i don't have a lot of snapshots because fun fact: my house burnt down when i was a kid. twice. so the majority of my baby pictures are professional ones that were given to the grandparents. 

i love that no one wiped my snotty nose off first..


  while bryant preferred books, i went the bert and ernie route..

ruffly dresses..

i'm 3 months here..

and 6 months here..

and here i am at a measly 3 1/2 weeks old, still looking a little brand new..

this was my first sunday to church..

but seriously momma, ruffly dresses much?

and my fave of myself..

my guess is that IH will look like bryant but with dark hair like me. regardless, i can't wait to see his little face. i'm gonna gobble him up.


  1. AHHH!!! He's coming... SOON!!

    I can't wait to see him!! love the babe pics!! so presh! love the potty pictures!!!!

    P.S.... I think we should compare baby pictures one day... we look scarily similar!!!!

  2. You look so much like your momma!!

    And thanks for covering up Bry's weewee! I probably won't have been able to look him in the eye again.

  3. These pictures are way adorable. Ya'lls child is going to be the most adorable little guy ever. Ah, you are getting so close :)

  4. IH is going to be one good-lookin' little man! HAHA! You never cease to make me laugh out loud at your blogs!
    Love the pics! I'm with Ann, the potty ones rule. And it's scary how Bryant face still looks exactly the same!!!! Love it!


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