Friday, September 16, 2011

crafternoon delight. ooh ooh. crafternoon delight.

i haven't created in a while. i've been lazy.  but i got the itch.

and although there are no new ideas under the sun, i thought i'd document my recent crafternoon for a little tutorial.

drumroll please.. a scrappy camera strap cover!

first put on some romantic music, like scotty mccreery pandora station, cause that deep voice will speak to your soul. whoo, be still my heart. and light your fave candle. to set the mood for the delight.

my favorite candle happens to be lime mojito. real mojitos make me gag, but this candle is where it's at. but any candle will work. i guess.

this is a good scrapbuster, if you need to do that sort of thing.

pick out some good scraps from your overflowing scrap bins.

make sure they coordinate. you don't want to look all tacky.

ps. polka dots in every color = coordination.

trim down your scraps to 3 inches by 2 inches. we're aiming for a strip of scraps about 28 inches long, so 16 or 17 colors/scraps.

sew the scraps right side together and iron each seam down.

then, cut a strip of fabric 28 inches by 3 inches. that should also be the size of your scrappy strip.

i heart amy butler lotus full moon dot. i need 50 yards stat so i can drape my life in it.

sew the two strips right side together and press the seam.

it will look like this..

cut a piece of batting or interfacing the same size as your big strip of fabric. probably 28 in. X 5 1/2 in. i forgot to measure, because i make it up as i go.

you really shouldn't listen to me. i'm an imposter.

the batting is for cushy-ness. if you're anti cushy-ness you can most certainly leave the batting out of the equation. we're pro cushy-ness in this house and my heiny is grateful..

lay the batting on the wrong side of the strip. fold the end over and sew it down. this serves two purposes, 1. holds the batting on. 2. provides a finished looking edge.

like this..

fold the strip in half, right sides together and sew down the edge.

trim off the excess fabric and turn that puppy right side out.

iron it again for good measure and wah-lah! a scrappy camera strap cover..

slide it over your strap and look how cute it is.

yep, pretty cute. don't you wanna be cute like me?! and if you wanna be even cuter i suppose you could add a fabric flower or a ruffle or something fancy schmancy, but for the sake of my manly husband who sometimes holds and operates my camera, i opted not to add the frills.

but you should add the frills. go all out gurrrlfran.  


  1. Youare so funny girl! Cracking me up over here! Love your strap!! So colorful and happy. How are you feeling?

  2. I made a strap cover last weekend! Yours is way more legit than mine though. Nice work!

  3. LOVE IT!!! I want one!!!! You should just be my personal craftswoman!!!!

    PS 9/28 is getting close - ready to pop him out for his auntie ann????


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