Thursday, September 22, 2011

belly collage.

i'm getting super lazy with my cropping jobs, but i think you get the idea. i used to be average and now i am not so average.

i thought i was huge at week 20. um, no. i had not even experienced huge yet.

that's a big ole boy.


  1. I think your cropping job is spectacular! stupendous! jaw-dropping!

    and seriously, labor-socks on your feet at all times!

  2. There was definitely noticeable growth between week 34 and week 35. Like, bam! Are you considering the fact that you might have a 14 pounder? (Not that I think you are having 14 pounder, but that's what rude old women always asked me. I thought I'd share their generosity.) XOXO and I'm glad I got to see that belly in person this week!


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