Monday, August 1, 2011

the weekend.

friday was a busy day. lots of errands! we had our doctor's appointment. and then we went to momma's to relieve her from sitting with our yard sale. i ended up making $75. it's not the $100 i was hoping for but i'll take it.

friday night, our church hosted a community outdoor movie night. so we helped out with that. it was a huge success! around 400 people showed up! and our church is no where near that size, so that means that lots of community people showed up.

saturday, we slept in and then did a few more errands.

then saturday night, we went out to o'charley's for pap and mammaw's 60th anniversary.

60 years. isn't that impressive?!

aren't they the cutest? they have 7 kids and multitudes of grandkids/great-grandkids/great-great-grandkids. plus their adopted family, us! i sure do love them a lot.

look at my cute guys..

i can't wait to see these two with a new little guy in the family. they'll be hilarious.

and lastly, a picture with the anniversary couple..

can you tell pap is in love with his new "grand-boy" by the way he is hugging my belly??

he's been calling isaac henry his grand-boy ever since we told him we were pregnant. before we knew he was a boy, i would say, "pap, what if it's a girl?" and he would just say, "it's not." what a goofball.

sunday was church, naps, and sunday school teacher appreciation dinner.

and now i'm gearing up for a busy week!

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