Tuesday, August 30, 2011

update schmupdate.

i know you're probably sick of blogs with tomatoes or tomato related things in them. but i made salsa today. i'm over the tomatoes. i think there's gonna be one more small harvest and then they're getting pulled out.

i give myself 2-3 goals a day. it keeps me motivated in my fragile state. today's was salsa and clean sheets. i completed them both and i'm overly excited about the clean sheets.

yesterday's goal was get groceries. i went to walmart, bought all my groceries, and loaded them in the truck. but first i started the truck, so that it would be refreshingly cool after i got all sweaty loading the groceries.. it must have been during the loading when i accidentally locked the truck, with my purse and cell phone and groceries and everything in it. oh did i mention it was running? then i closed the door to return the buggy to the buggy return.

i hate when people don't return their buggy to the buggy return. rude. don't be a lazy bones.

back to the story.. i locked myself out of the truck. and a small panic attack ensued. the granny loading her groceries next to me graciously allowed me to use her phone to call bry so he could tell me where the hide-a-key was. btw, he almost didn't answer cause he didn't recognize the number. i would've died. but he did answer. ptl. and then i climbed my jumbo self into the bed of the truck and rolled around trying to locate the hide-a-key. i'm sure it was quite the sight to see. jumbo, sweaty, panic-y, pregnant lady rolling around in a filthy truck bed while the aforementioned granny observed and said "bless your heart" 57 times.

needless to say, i didn't complete my other goals for the day. i was too distraught.

i really need to quit going to walmart. there's too much going on there.

i hope your tuesday has been awesome!

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  1. HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud. you and walmart are just... a unique and hysterical pair. i love it. keep going. everyday. i like to laugh at the trama - but don't hurt IH or anything!! Be smart about your misfortunes!!



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