Monday, August 22, 2011

this weekend..

i turned these..

into this!

60 tomatoes = 5 bags o' sauce.

we had our second baby shower.

i made homemade pizza. like always.

in the house of the rising dough.

i use p-dub's recipe for pizza dough. it's the best on this side of the mississippi. and on her side of the mississippi too. unless it's the same. i've never been good with maps.

i'm a lover, not a geographer.

i organized some of mah baybeh's stuff.

i did a little consignment shopping and we bought a glider. it rocks. or should i say glides?

i sold my senior prom dress. finally. to a 9 year old girl that does pageants. toddlers and tiaras much? good bye and good riddance. you took up way too much space in my closet.

typical prom pose..

you did serve me well green dress.

have i mentioned i was prom queen? yeah, i'm a big deal. also brybear took me to 3 proms. i think by my senior year he was probably ready to kill me. but his date was the queen. so he's practically royalty by association. and i think it's presh. one of the benefits of marrying your high school sweetheart.

we watched a lot of our new go-to show, the andy griffith show. starring andy griffith, in case you didn't know.

we churched it up and then my man took me on a sunday afternoon date.

zaxby's for lunch and then the help.

great movie! i read the book a while back, before i even knew they were making a movie. i'm soooo ahead of the hype. both are awesome.

and i went to a church ladies event sunday night. i love the ladies i go to church with. their such a blessing to me.

busy busy weekend. it was good! i hope yours was equally good, you deserve it.

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  1. love it!!!! love that you and brybear have pictures together from prom... miss prom queen. I have pictures with Jacob as prom queen but we weren't together and we had to hide to take the picture!!! haha!! We were so dumb... glad I"m mature now.

    I love you all


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