Tuesday, August 9, 2011

story time.

as you know, we were out of food. so yesterday i went to get some groceries so that we could avoid popcorn for dinner for the second night in a row.

i get groceries at walmart. it's easy.

and i've seen my fair share of nutty lookin' people at walmart. there's a good chance that the majority of the pictures on this website were taken in one of my neighborhood walmarts. and i thought i'd just about seen it all. until yesterday.

i get out of my car, with my little grocery list, just minding my own business and start walking across the parking lot.

that's when a lady caught my eye. she was with a friend and was walking from the store to her car. with a FULL buggy of groceries. now, you may be saying, "why does it matter that she had a full buggy?" well, that means that she went through all of walmart and completed her purchases.

i had to literally stop walking and stare at the lady, and let me tell you why. she had on a tshirt. and no pants. and wait for it..

no panties.

she was buck naked from the waist down.

i've now seen it all. literally and figuratively.

i know without a doubt that she was naked from the waist down because i stared for a while. and then i finally walked closer to the store and looked out the window at her again just to make sure.

and yep, there she was loading her groceries into her trunk. bending over and shinin' her bare heiny to everyone.

how did she get through all of walmart without someone asking her to put some britches on?! why was her friend fully dressed? was she wearing shoes? i can't remember! why, why, why would you grocery shop with no pants or panties on?

10 AM at walmart is supposed to be senior citizen/moms with small kids/lindsey jo hour. not naked girl hour. that's 2 AM stuff.

i really really wish i had a picture to show you, but sadly, i was physically too close to the lady to whip out my camera and take a picture without her seeing me. not that you want to see a picture anyway.

believe me. you don't want to see a picture.

maybe it's time to switch to kroger.


  1. I have to asked which Walmart, White House or Franklin?

  2. Oh my goodness...Walmart is worse than I thought. LOL!

  3. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!! I'm surprised you didn't scream out and cackle at her!!!! :) Wish I coulda been there!

  4. That has straight done it for me... can't believe it!


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