Saturday, August 13, 2011

pregnancy: week 30.

i'm 31 weeks pregnant. 6 weeks from "full-term" and 9 weeks from "get outta me, boy."

look at me lookin' all hot, ready for my baby shower. in this particular instance the word hot can be used to describe my appearance and my body temperature.

isaac henry is a little over 3 lbs. and about 16 inches long. isn't that cool?! week 30 was baby-tastic. we had lots-o stuff going on.

symptoms: shortness of breath. tired and big. some acid reflux. general pregnancy stuff. the new thing this week was swelling in my hands. i can't wear my wedding rings anymore. boo.

eating/cravings: nothing really stands out this week.

movement: my belly looks like a water bed cause he moves so much. it's real crazy.

sleep: no good. i have a hard time sleeping at night. i just can't get comfortable/fall asleep. so i get a few hours at night. then i get up with bryant and stay up until i can't hold my eyes open any more, which is 8-9 depending on the morning. i nap a few hours, and i'm good for the day. my sleeping pattern is whack.

stretch marks: some new stretch marks are making themselves at home on my butt. welcome to the party that is lindsey jo's ever expanding bod!

weight gain: 3 lbs. since my last doctor's appointment (2 weeks ago), 26 pounds all together.

doctor-y stuff: we went to the doctor thursday for our first bi-weekly appointment. everything is measuring right on track. we go back on the 22nd and get an ultrasound! gotta make sure this kid is head down and ready for take off.

other stuff: we went to a breastfeeding class this week. it was informative. i'm super nervous about breastfeeding, so it was good to get some more info and advice. we also went to meet isaac henry's pediatrician this week. he's really nice and everyone i've talked to about him has nothing but good things to say.

we got a book shelf for IH's room. we need art above his dresser and a changing pad and then it will be complete! it's so cute in there. i wanna gobble it up.

and, most exciting, we had our first baby shower today. it was awesome and will get a whole post of it's own. we are so blessed by all of the people who love isaac henry so much already.

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