Saturday, August 6, 2011

pregnancy: week 29.

i'm 30 weeks pregnant. 30.


and i'm feelin' it. let me emphasize something: i am not complaining. i wanted to be pregnant. i still do want to be pregnant [for about 10 more weeks and then slide on out here isaac henry]. i knew exactly what i was getting myself into by not taking the pill and crawling into bed with my hunky husband and throwing my legs up in the air afterwards for 8 months.. too much? oh, let's be real, you know how i got into this situation. and i knew what i was in for.

but i'm feeling pregnant. real big and pregnant.

and my belly looks lumpy in this picture, probably because isaac henry insists on squishing his entire body on one side at a time. explore the space, bud.

week 29..

symptoms: i really do feel great. i'm having some acid reflux. nothing a few tums can't handle. i feel huge and i get a little swollen when i go outside, but mostly i feel good.

eating/cravings: i'm still real hungry most of the time. i miss/crave my morning coffee. eating lots of fruit and ritz premade cheese crackers.

movement: he likes to move it, move it.

sleep: what sleep? sleep is for wienies. and i'm no wienie, so i don't sleep.

stretch marks: just because i haven't mentioned them lately doesn't mean they've magically disappeared. i have them. lots of them.

childbirth class: we had our last class this week and it was the most informative in my opinion. we got to tour the labor/delivery floor and it's super nice. they gave a little newborn care info too. like how to take care of the umbilical cord stump and circumcision aftercare. and i got to bounce on a birthing ball, so i guess we're officially ready to birth now.

other stuff: i hung the curtains in IH's room. i don't know if i told you that.. it really is so close to being finished. if we can get my hunky carpenter husband to build his son a book shelf, i'll show you pictures!

also, i'm getting a little nervous. ok, a lot nervous. i'm excited. but isaac henry's arrival seems so imminent and i want everything to be nice and not stressful. and then i have to remember that i live in reality and not "everything is perfect and everyone is considerate and normal" land. i want to move to that land.

next week: we have a breast-feeding class tuesday and a doctor's appointment thursday and our first baby shower saturday! lots of fun stuff!

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  1. I have to tell you I laugh out load, literally, every time I read your blog. Being pregnant again is so different from the first time. I might write a book :)


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