Tuesday, August 16, 2011


it has been gorgeous the last few days. we had a picnic with our community group yesterday evening and it was so nice outside. i'm loving this. i wish our summer was like this all summer long. because the cooler it is, the less i sweat, and the less i sweat the better i smell. i'm sure everyone is happier about that..

so, my cucumbers failed this year. they didn't grow a thing. not one measly cucumber. my father in law told me it's cause they need a sex partner for cross pollination. i only had one plant. who knew plants need lovers?!

but then i found this weirdo growing..

i guess that's what cucumbers look like when they aren't getting any.

check out this critter..


for these tomatoes i prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition i made to him.

i'm picking this many tomatoes everyday. problem is, we don't eat this many tomatoes everyday. i need to make some salsa or marinara or something tomato-y that'll keep.

and finally, a little story.

i already told you it's been bee-a-you-tiful outside. so, sunday evening i was outside watching the hamburgers on grill. and normally i'd go back in and tend to the sides, but they didn't need to be tended so i took a seat on the hammock. it was so comfy that i decided i'd just lay down for a minute.

that's when it hit me. the ground that is.

i broke the hammock. and i just sit there. on the ground. embarrassed. i'm sure all my neighbors got a good laugh at my expense.

this video always comes to mind..

except i would have to say "fat girl on a little hammock."

it does make me feel better that the hammock was very weathered and possibly dry rotted. but still. i'm blaming it on isaac henry. the hammock just wasn't made for two people. i woulda been just fine if i laid on it alone. we'll just call him jumbo from now on.


  1. I knew your bloggy would cheer me up. Boots made the bed fall down....fat dog in a little bed :)

  2. Oh Lindsey Jo... you poor thing. Going and breaking things...

  3. Great lookin' tomaters. Make ya some salsa.


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