Wednesday, August 3, 2011

oh yes, it's ladies night.

last night i went out with some of my girlfriends from church.

we were gonna paint pottery at a paint your own pottery place. and i was pumped. but then when we arrived at our destination they were closed "due to illness".. mmmhmmm. i'm sure.

i'll show you some illness, ya big lazy bones.

never fear, we came up with a plan b, stat.

olive garden. of course.

from L to R: jenna, me, meghan, amanda, lisa.

we had a nice waiter, so we got to have some laughs with him. and another waiter approached us awkwardly during our dinner to ask if we knew anything about the music scene. do we look like the spice girls to you? no, we don't know about the music scene. good times were had. fo sho.

cause when you're here, you're family. or at least that's what i hear.

after pasta-fest, we went back to amanda's to do a little crafty-craft of our own, being that the pottery place apparently did not care about our creative needs.

we made yarn wreaths. i'm sure you've seen them if you browse the interwebs at all.

they take forever to make. they're easy, but make one with a buddy, so you can count it as quality time spent together.

here's a picture of mine taken with the fancy instagram app.

super cute wreath. and a great time with my ladies!

on a completely different note, i've decided i might should use my phone for more than texting and calling people. so i got instagram. it's pretty nifty.

and i got the pinterest app. who knew there was a pinterest app?! best discovery ever!

i'm moving on up in the technological world.

i have so much more to tell you. for instance, i took a picture of my dirty laundry because it was cuh-razy! but we've gotta spread the excitement out.

pictures of my laundry. it'll give you something to look forward to for tomorrow..

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  1. i love that wreath! it's wonderful!!! i want to make one... INSTRUCTIONS???

    that happened with me before too... you know the pottery place being closed!! boo!!! :(


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