Sunday, August 14, 2011

isaac henry's first baby shower.

we had our first baby shower for isaac henry on saturday. it was awesome! we got lots of cutie things and got to celebrate our little man.

get ready for picture overload.

rachel organized and my other besties helped throw the shower. i am so blessed by their friendships.

IH has the best. aunts. ever.

shan had to leave early, so she missed the photo sesh :( but she brought this awesome cake!

ann kept telling me that she couldn't come to the shower. and how sad she was. and blah. blah. blah.

and then, look who showed up and surprised me!

she's a big ole liar, but it made my heart so happy that she was there.

and mallory and meghan came all the way from knoxville!

they're fun.

me and lauren..

tara, kari, and me. i hope kari appreciates younger men. i have a feeling they'll be good buddies.

em wants to make sure that he knows who his favorite aunt is early on.

how presh!

my mom is gonna be called nanny. she's in love with this kid.

this is my mom's best friend, angie. she's also kayla's mom. and i like to call her ang.

isaac henry will call her grang, as in gran + ang. i think it's hilarious.

i love these ladies! +rachel's mom, betsy, who was the photographer.

here's some opening presents pictures..

so much stuff. we are so blessed. i can't get over it!

i feel like my boob is extra voluptuous in this picture..

sorry i brought it up. try not to lust after my lovely lady bumps.


look what the cat drug in..

handsome fellas.

my baybeh daddy..

i love him an awful lot.

and finally, my family.

i love them an awful lot too.

my heart is so full. isaac henry is so loved. i can't wait for him to be on the outside.

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