Friday, August 26, 2011

a few things.

i guess it's high time i tell you what i've been doing this week.

i finally finished this quilt.

it's taken me about 5,000 years. or 2. i have a commitment to finish all my half finished projects before i start a new one. and i really wanna start a new one, soo i've been a busy little quiltin' bee. it's also important to note that the commitment is just to myself, so i reserve the right to break it at anytime. bee-tee-dub, this quilt is no where near perfect cause i rushed. but it's done and that's what counts.

my quilts are like life, imperfect. isn't that deep? you can call me philosopher jo from now on.

i picked more tomatoes. these are destined for salsa.

and i made a honeybun cake. because i'm not jiggly enough already and i really wanna deliver a 15 lb. baby. but not really, on both accounts.

so i didn't take a picture of the uneaten cake. and then i thought, it's be a much better picture if i cut a slice and had it on a plate all cute like. and then i realized i didn't want a piece of cake cause i'd just eaten a big ole bowl of honey bunches of oats. so what you get is a picture of the already sliced into cake.

reality, it's what this blog is all about.

and that's really about it. i mean, i did other things, like clean the bathrooms and whatnot, but who really wants to hear about that??

i hope you have an awesome weekend. you know i will cause my plans consist of staying at home, eating the rest of that cake, and smoochin' on bry.

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    I'll be waiting for it to arrive!!! :) haha!... but seriously I called it!!



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