Thursday, August 4, 2011

exciting things are happening over here.

but not really. right now, i'm eating some cheese crackers and a peach. that's about as exciting as it gets.

i have had something going on every night this week. we're busy little bees over here.

but now what you've been waiting for..

mt. saint laundry.

i think it was like 6 loads or something crazy. i don't know why we've been wearing so many clothes. obviously i did not make that choice. i do not like wearing clothes.

and now something else for your viewing pleasure.

is that a pile of panties? why, yes it is actually. we've been over this, i have no shame.

my name is lindsey jo, and i'm addicted to buying panties. or, i used to be. that pile has like 40 pair of panties in it. dating back to high school in some cases. i know. that's a long time ago. i threw them away. i'd been living in wedgieville for too long. that's what happens when i attempt to wear small panties.

my body's too bootylicious for them, babe.

i don't really know why i'm telling you this. but i bet my mom's proud! she's been trying to get me to rid myself of old undies for a long time..

don't worry, i still have 40 pair-ish.

now for a little garden update. i ripped out the zucchini. they were dying a painful death, so i put them out of their misery. tomatoes are still green, because they hate me. our first squash is growing. finally. and it's a mutant. so that's awesome.

and as if i don't have enough things on my "to make" list, i really wanna make an apron. like these cutie ones. or one that's a little more simple, like this. but this one is presh too.

then i could wear it while i make this strawberry cake. doesn't that look delicious?! let's just be honest, i'll probably make that before the apron.

one last thing, because i'm a follower. emily shared some things on her latest blog that people had searched to find her blog. the things people search that lead to me are never disappointing. today's favorites are "hairy areolas" and "funny pictures of jesus".. to clarify, i have never posted a funny pic of JC. however, if i had one, i might. and i said my areolas are ever-changing, NOT hairy. yet.

either way, i hope you found what you were looking for.


  1. bahahah what! hairy areolas!! Who the heck is searching for that?!?!? that's hilarious! baha and your squash is a weirdo.

    and i see you in like 9 days whoopty whoo :)

  2. At this rate, your site is going to be overtaken by preggos and pervs...or maybe just preggo pervs...but I love you, you nutty girl. You are the coolest daughter I could ever have.

  3. I'm so happy I am not the only person with the panty problem. I, too, have an extensive "collection"


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