Sunday, August 21, 2011

baby shower. take 2.

can i just reiterate how blessed we are?! well, we are. IH is so loved. and we have awesome friends. really awesome friends.

this shower was ice cream themed cause we all know how much i love ice cream.

check out this cutey tablescape.. as i channel my inner sandra lee.

food network? anyone? i'm alone during the day. daytime t.v. is my only friend. except not, cause i have real human friends that throw me fancy pants baby showers. but, the tablescape..

i think i'll just pose right next to it.

let me tell you, i tried on about 5 outfits before i finally just had to give into the one pair of denim capris that fit. so much for the mom-to-be looking cutesy. i'm outgrowing my maternity clothes. and i refuse to buy more.

diaper cake!

and i didn't get any pictures with the hostess. or with the grandmas. mostly because i suck. but i got some candids..

winner winner chicken dinner.

everyone loves being captured in candids.

this one is sooo not candid. lisa and amanda were faking a conversation all the while smiling and looking cute. and melanie was.. being charming.

we got so much cute stuff. and some things off our registry, which are equally cute.

cute. cute. cute. i just didn't think i'd said the c-word enough in this post yet.

after i opened this gift some of the ladies asked "when is your due date?" insinuating that isaac henry may not be on the outside by halloween.

oh. no.

he will be out by halloween.

check out this cool gift meghan made..

it looks like ice cream BUT it's onesies and washcloths. tricky tricky.

and the ladies all prayed for us. it was precious.

pesky paparazzi snappin' photos during our prayer sesh. just kidding! i don't mind. and i bet Jesus doesn't either. but you never know with him. the wind blows where it will.

2 awesome-opossum showers down, 1 to go.


  1. I just need to tell you again how much I LOVE reading your blog. I LOL every post and I just feel closer to you by reading it. I have to agree with the growing out of maternity clothes and not buying more cause I was the same way. I think the last picture I posed for before we had Ellyce half my belly on the bottom was exposed and guess who didn't care! You got it, me!

  2. aw what a sweet shower! you look great girl! I love how your friends prayed for you and baby. how special.

    and I NEED that shirt for noah "certified hunk!" too cute!!


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