Monday, July 4, 2011

will you come to my july 4th party?

it's fake. i probably should have mentioned that in the invitation.

but if you decide to come, i'll start off by making you breakfast. because like any good july 4th party, it starts first thing in the morning. and that's like now, so you're already late. way to go, punctual patty.

too bad your pancakes are cold cause you are late, but don't worry you can still enjoy the decorations i put up.


and later we'll have hamburgers and potato salad. and maybe a hotdog. mostly this party consists of meals. and some cake. and sure, i'll make some ice cream too. why the heck not?!


yes, we'll shoot off some fireworks. but we'll definitely have my favorites: black snakes, sparklers, and pop 'ems. yes, my favorites are still the ones i was allowed to do alone as a child.

side story: my parents are tricksters. the day after 4th of july fireworks, they would somehow convince us that the trash that was scattered all over the yard was fun to play with. so noah and i would pick it all up first thing in the morning and pile it in our tree house. and play with the trash until it disintegrated and had to be properly disposed of. how did we play with it? we'd mostly pretend that the cardboard tubes that were still attached to their sticks were hotdogs on sticks. and we'd have wienie roasts. we were imaginative.

attention tricky parents that made me pick up trash, play with my brother, and have an imagination: teach me your ways.

and then the party will be over and i'll send you on your independent way. but i'll give everyone these. because they are just darling.


and some really great americans will probably be here. like andy griffith and dolly parton. probably davy crockett. and maybe ronald reagan and his pal johnny appleseed. the possibilities are endless. but i'll definitely be here, and i'm one awesome american.

but in all seriousness, i am so blessed to have been born in the united states. i do not take it for granted. this country may be a little screwed up, but i'd rather live in this screwed up country than any other one. i mean, we have purple mountain majesties for crying out loud!

happy 4th of july from my sea to your shining sea. hallelujah.

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  1. I loved this post. It made me feel at home... you know getting those warm fuzzies an such....even though I couldn't be living it up with family for the first time in my life on the 4th. I love you! I'm so glad you parents didn't stifle your imagination!


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