Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a weekend with dolly.

we went to knoxville this weekend to see dolly kick off her world tour. and on top of that glorious-ness, we got to stay with our cutey-pie newlywed friends jared and beth ann.

they are presh.

those boys love each other a lot.

it was so nice getting to visit with them as marrieds. we hadn't seen them since the wedding, so it was fun to see them as husband and wife.

thanks for letting us sleep in your bed, eat your food, and keep you up late! we love y'all!
speaking of husbands, this hunk took me to see dolly parton. he knows how to make me happy.

i can't even begin to tell you how much i love this woman.

isn't she just presh?! and she's still got it for a 65 year old! i mean, she's paid a lot of money to still look that way, but still..

her show was amazing! she is super talented. she played 10 instruments! did you hear me?? 10!!

a saxophone? really?

and she played the guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, dulcimer, lap harp, harmonica, banjo, piano, and flute. flute?? you never know what to expect with this lady.

we had really great seats. she didn't have anyone open for her or anything, so it was hours of pure dolly. hallelujah!

about halfway through, she changed outfits. and hair.

and she is so funny! i could've just listened to her talk the whole time.

she was talking about having 12 siblings. and she said, "no, we weren't catholic. just horny hicks." bahaha.

she's in a movie with queen latifah coming out in january, so she did a little rap in honor of queen latifah. "i don't hip and i don't hop, cause i'd black both eyes with this top. i know the queen has got 'em too, but she don't work 'em like i do." too funny!

she sang stairway to heaven, and then she was talking about how songwriters don't care who screws up their song, as long as their getting sung. then she said, "that's why i didn't care when whitney houston screwed up my song, i just laughed all the way to the bank!" love it!

she had a ton more jokes, i just can't remember them all. it was a fun weekend and i'm soo glad i finally got to see dolly live! [for more than one song.]

and don't you worry, i got me a new tshirt. that fits!


  1. i think you and p dub mentioned dolly on the same day! THIS is a big deal! ya'll are BFFs without even realizing it!

  2. I can't even describe just how jealous of you I am. I love Dolly.
    My sister met her a couple weeks ago in Nashville. Picture and all.
    Thing is, she doesn't love her like I do.
    It should've been ME!
    Life isn't fair.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time! The Cokers are welcome at the McDonalds anytime! Jared and I are still recovering from our late night Sunday waiting up and worrying about you crazy kids...hehe Ya'll missed your curfew, but since it was for Dolly, we decided to make an exception. =)

  4. Awesome! We just saw her last night in Alpharetta GA. Same jokes and songs that you heard. She's a sweet little lady for sure. Thoroughly enjoyed it. :)


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