Thursday, July 7, 2011


gah. this post is so late. but this week has been busy.

soo, last weekend we went to see U2. they're one of bryant's faves. i like them ok, but you know i'm a country music girl. i must say, it was cool going to a fancy schmancy rock and roll concert.

i mean, look at this stage..

isn't that the fanciest?! i'm sure it won't hold a candle to dolly, but it'll do.


another picture of me and my hunk of a husband.

it was a great show. one of the coolest parts was the ending. they did their encore and then this guy up front must have been screaming "let me play all i want is you!" and bono was all like, "what do you want to play?" and then they bring the guy up on stage and he plays bono's guitar while U2 preforms/sings all i want is you. and then bono gives the guy the guitar. wouldn't you pee your pants playing in front of all those people?!

that would be super cool, but you know no one is gonna believe that guy. don't worry guy, i'll back you up. i seen it with my own two eyes!

see ya later U2. keep it real.

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