Tuesday, July 12, 2011


this week is going to be nuts. i have got something going on everyday. childbirth class, youth girl's night, church information meeting/potluck [yum!], book study, knoxville for the weekend, dolly parton.

and other stuff that isn't as exciting. like laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. busy busy. but i'm thankful to have things to do. i don't know how many more days i can waste watching a baby story or baby's first day on tlc.

ok, you caught me, i could waste a lot of days doing that. i love watching those baby shows.

listen to this craziness: 13 more laundry mondays and i'll have a kid. just 13. i'll do our laundry 13 more times, and then i'll be doing another person's laundry too. unless IH does it himself and he's been super helpful so far, so i wouldn't put it past him.

also, i need to go to the library. need. i looked at books at target, but i've already bought 2 books this summer and that gets expensive. and i'd rather buy new pajama pants for myself or another onesie for isaac henry. a boy can't have too many onesies or so i'm telling myself.. so, the library it is.

i've found myself thinking about christmas lately. thinking of decorations and what i want to bake and what i want to stuff bry's stocking with. i know it's crazy. it's july. and i'm thinking about christmas.

i'm a crazy lady. consider that your fair warning.

in honor of childbirth class being last night, here's a few videos for your viewing pleasure..

wesbian wovers.

btw, i am soo planning on using toxic western medications to dwug my baby for my own selfish comfort.

best. idea. ever.


  1. yes I'm sure the Pam will help IH slide right on out....bahahahaha Love you and mr. Isaac Henry.

  2. I've been thinking about Christmas lately too! (It didn't help that I saw a million Christmas stores in Pigeon Forge, but I didn't stop at any.) I'm ready to bake and get gifts ready for everyone, especially Kari Elizabeth! I've already thought of her Christmas card picture, and bought an outfit. PLUS, I will have a first birthday party to throw the week after Christmas! Crazy lady over here too!


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