Thursday, July 28, 2011


i'm tired. and i wanna take a nap.

i started my yard sale today. and i made a whoppin' $37. i mean, i'll take $37 any day, but i really want to make $100. cause that just seems successful and i wanna be successful. we'll see what tomorrow brings. probably a quarter and me sweating like a.. something that sweats a lot.. a pregnant lady?

kayla is yard selling with me. she's making the big bucks cause she's got lots of cutesy clothes that cute young things wear. they could maybe fit my big toe. or my unborn son.

on a more exciting note, kay cut my hair today. in the front yard at momma's house. cause we're real classy. it's shorter but still longish. and sassy. but not my typical asymmetrical bob. and i like it.

don't worry folks, she's a professional. i love having a cosmetologist friend. FREE haircuts! what what!

look at it!

i have a lazy/squinty eye. let's take a picture of me over exaggerating my lazy eye. ok!

now go ahead and tell me how presh my hairs are.

also, i'm not wearing a bra in those pictures. it's too hot for undergarments. aren't you lucky? but not as lucky as my neighbors!!

i'm making this for dinner. i hope it's good, cause it looks like vomit. yummmm.

enough outta me. what are you having for dinner tonight? i might stop by if it's better than my vomit meal..


  1. I notices that "this" doesnt have a name. Shall we call it vomit soup!?

  2. i'm calling it mexican-y crockpot chicken stuff.. clever, i know.

  3. hahaha the ole stink eye. love it. =]


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