Saturday, July 30, 2011

pregnancy: week 28.

well, i'm 29 weeks pregnant. 77 days from d-day.

week 28 wasn't too exciting, but it's one week closer to having our little man on the outside!

symptoms: nothing new really. a little back pain.

weight gain: weight for it.. haha.. 23 whole pounds.

eating/cravings: loving fruit. they keep telling me that my appetite will retreat because my stomach is getting scquooshed in there, but i'm hungry. all the time.

movement: yes, lots of that. isaac likes to stick to my right side. and we can feel his booty poke out.

childbirth class: this week's childbirth class was the scary one. we talked about tearing and c-sections and a bunch of other things that i want no part in. can we just plan on my son sliding right on out when the time is right? oh, and painlessly, please. that would be glorious. bryant gave me more massages. i'm really diggin' all this massage time. we used "massage tools" this time. one was a vibrating massager thing. i now like to tell bryant that we need to pick up one of those vibrators. he doesn't seem to think it's as funny as i do. also, our instructor really reminds me of mary catherine gallagher. soopuh stah!

doctor-y stuff: we went friday for our last monthly appointment. everything is still moving right along. my test results from last time came back and no diabetes and no anemia! hallelujah! bring on the doughnuts, my body can handle it! isaac's heart rate was in the 130s. i still love hearing his little heart beat. he's about 2.5 pounds right now. nothing else very eventful happened..

other stuff: i'm trying not to buy stuff right now cause the baby showers are right around the corner and i want to see what those bring. so that makes it hard to prepare things. but, the nursery is so close to being finished.

it's definitely getting more real. we're gonna have a baby. that lives with us. and we're gonna take care of him. that's nuts.

*i really hope me saying vibrator doesn't bring a buncha pervs to my precious little blog. and now i've said it twice, so awesome.

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  1. i love your hair!!! kayla did a great job!

    you look fabulous! see you in two weeks! :)


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