Sunday, July 24, 2011

pregnancy: week 27.

sooo, this week's pregnancy update is a day late. i was busy yesterday partying it up in atown with my besties. more on that later. but how about that presh blog from my husband dearest?! i didn't even know he was gonna do that. he deserves some smoochin' for the sweetie pie things he said..

anyhow, let's talk about what you came here to talk about. i'm 28 weeks pregnant! you know what that means?? THIRD TRIMESTER! what what!

here's something fun. my belly shot in a bathing suit..

i'm here for your entertainment.

as for week 27 of pregnancy..

symptoms: not a whole lot. the weirdo dreams are back. and i've been nesting. bryant says that's a symptom i've had for 2 years or so.

eating/cravings: hungry. this week fresh peaches have been a hit.

movement: he moves a lot, but he's a butthead and stops anytime i want to show him off. like with his aunties this weekend.. that shyness is gonna have to stop.

childbirth class: good info. bry went with me this week. he massaged me with a tennis ball. and we got to see an epidural. that needle looks scary, but not as scary as 10 centimeters looks. can i get a witness?!

more importantly, this happened..


and me with a double chin = hotter!!!

i'm also claiming that as a pregnancy symptom: fat face. it happens. i tried to find some other pictures of fat faced pregnant people, mainly celebrities, to prove my point. but apparently they're smarter than me and don't post pictures of they're pregnancy fat face on the intranets for all to see..

other stuff: i got some goodies for IH's nursery while in atlanta so that should bring the nursery closer to completion. we go to the doctor friday for our last monthly appointment.

i guess that's all folks.


  1. :) I like the bathing suit pic! It's presh!

    i love you. So thankful for time together.

  2. So.Stinkin'.Cute.
    I covet how you look in that adorable bathing suit... now I have to go to confession. :/


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