Saturday, July 9, 2011

pregnancy: week 25.

26 weeks pregnant today!

in week 25 we hit the double digits until isaac henry's due date! i feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast!

symptoms: same ole same ole. just add some acid reflux into the mix. and i think my feet got swollen for the first time..

movement: got my first kick in the ribs. that was interesting. also, isaac henry frustrates me. he kicks sooo hard and i want to video it, but as soon as i start the video he quits and then when i turn the video off, he gives a big ole kick. how does he know?!

eating/cravings: real hungry. craving popcorn and hot chocolate.

other stuff: i haven't really done anything this week in the category of preparation.

actually this week has been very uneventful. let's be honest, this kid's a snooze fest. but ya can't help but love him.

it is pretty cool that i'm just going on living my life, not really doing anything different and my body is growing a human. my bod is made to do this. isn't God awesome?!

next week will be more eventful. we start childbirth classes monday!

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  1. Yeah for double digits!! Come on IH! We're all ready for you! Oh you and your body. It is kinda crazy that you're just walking around, doing normal things...and there is a human inside of you. That kind of blows my mind.
    Popcorn and hot chocolate sounds like the perfect craving.
    That kid is going to be a soccer player. Just send him on to Aunt Beth-Ann. Don't let Uncle Jared near him, cause then he'll be hitting baseballs...dumb American sports. =)
    And might I add I cannot WAIT for updates on birthing classes. Tell ole Bry I said good luck! Love ya!


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