Saturday, July 2, 2011

pregnancy: week 24

25 weeks pregnant today! let me just break that down for ya. isaac henry could technically be born at 37 weeks that means we could have him in 12 weeks. 12 weeks. that's nuts. nuts, i tell you! are you ready for this?!

in week 24..

symptoms: same ole stuff. more acne this week since i'm a 14 year old.

eating/cravings: again, nothing new. i'm just hungry. i finally got me some chili and a shaved ice! and i was more diligent about drinking water and not cokes. i'm trying to be a good mother, but my boy loves coke!

stretch marks: i've been continuing my cocoa butter routine of twice a day, but i've added a once a day "tummy butter" routine. i think it may be helping. but it could also just be in my head. you shouldn't trust me. what it boils down to is that if your momma got stretch marks, you're gonna get stretch marks. oh, genetics.

movement: all the time, psycho kid.

sleep: i'm trying to get used to side sleeping. i'm usually a back sleeper, but that's starting to get uncomfortable.

weight gain: 15 pounds. according to the doc's trusty scales.

doctor-y stuff: i took the glucose test. i don't like getting my blood drawn, but i powered through. i don't know when i'll hear back from that, but i'll let ya know if i've got the diabeetis. isaac henry's heartbeat was in the 140-150 range yesterday, which is perfect. everything is looking good. one more monthly appointment and then we'll start going every other week!

other stuff: we got the crib this week. doing his room up is making everything seem so real. he's gonna live with us! and i signed us up for childbirth classes. we have to take them this month, because they only offer them this month and in late september/october. and if we go to the september/october ones, we might just be doing a live demonstration of childbirth. so we're gonna be the early birds.

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  1. AAHHHH!!!! I'm so ready for Isaac Henry to be here! You are one hot mama. Can't wait to see the crib and the nursery. I know it will be precious. Betsy did an African theme with animals...missionary


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