Wednesday, July 13, 2011

junk in my trunk.. or my junk drawer.

i cleaned out the kitchen cabinets today, trying to make room for bay-beh schtuff. and i took a little video of me cleaning out the junk drawer.

if you wanna see what's in my junk drawer, or just hear my voice, enjoy the show!

it's 11 minutes long so may the lord be with you.

if you really watched that, bless you my child. but then again, what's 11 minutes between friends? you woulda wasted that much time today anyway. or maybe you're way more productive than me and never waste time. to that i say, time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. live a little! so there.

and that gift card had a balance of zero dollars and zero cents. dang it.


  1. May the snowman scissors rest in peace!

  2. I really need some them nail clippers! poor scissors

  3. okay you freakin crack me up. HOW BIG is that drawer??? lol i cannot believe all the stuff you showed us. hope you got it all organized and ready for baby!

  4. bahahaha!
    You make me laugh. Hopefully there weren't any creepers trying to snag your address!!! haha!!

    Poor lil' snowmen scissors...

  5. OMG You are have a weapons drawer. Full with tape!


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