Thursday, July 7, 2011

the haps.

i'm having a super lazy day today, hence the two blogs.

but i just wanted to document a few things that have been happening in these parts.

i made these fish tacos with southwestern slaw and avocado cream sauce. delish! almost as good as blue coast.

this picture also documents that we eat dinner on the couch. watching tv. please don't call focus on the family and tell on us. one day we'll eat at the table. maybe when we have kids. that eat solids. but until then, we like to watch our stories together.

bryant is playing in a tennis league. with old men.

i like watching him. he's pretty dang good.

our first little tomato got ripe. and then it fell off the vine. we ate it in a salad. and it tasted like, wait for it.. a tomato! we're growing stuff that tastes like it should! success!

and you know how my camera has been on the fritz? and i've been documenting everything with my handy iphone? well, this may be the last post with iphone pictures, or at least it can be if i want it to be. cause my hunky husband bought me a new camera..

and a fancy pants camera at that! i've been taking pictures of all kinds of stuff today. i love it! and it's gonna be super nice to be able to take good pictures of isaac henry whenever i want.

now i need a cutesie camera strap. maybe that'll be my next project..

1 comment:

  1. okay. bryant in a tennis league?! i'm so proud and impressed!

    and you with your fancy pants camera! congrats!! when Hank gets here, I'm gonna expect hourly photo updates. seriously.

    and finally, you and bry look soo cute at the U2 concert! when'd ya'll get so hot?!

    see you in two weeks!


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