Monday, July 25, 2011

atlanta girls' weekend.

as you know, i spent my weekend with ann and em. we met up in atlanta for a little girl time.

friday, we ate chili's. i'm pretty sure we eat chili's every time we go out to eat together. did a little shopping. including the purchase of my new night gown that says, "this ain't my first rodeo." cause i'm super classy like that. and spent the rest of the night hanging in our swanky hotel.

we used some of brybear's business hotel points. and stayed for 6 whole dollars. uh-maze-ing!

we also got a little risky and tie-died some "labor socks".

here's how the labor socks are gonna go down: i'll wear them when i labor with isaac, then they'll get passed to whoever labors next and they'll wear them while they labor with the fruit of their loins. and if whoever has baybehs next adopts said babies, they'll wear them to bring their baby home. make sense? it's kind of like traveling pants, only socks. because pants wouldn't be too convenient for the laboring, or at least that's how i'm to understand the whole birthing process.

either way, i have a feeling i'll be wearing the socks for the first few times. so that's fun.

saturday we ate a swanky breakfast at our swanky hotel and laid out for a little while.

it was dang hot. and we whined a little bit. or a lot of bit. you'll never know.

then we did more shopping. at ikea! that place is huge. it's like a city.

we got some good bargains.

dear ikea, please come to nashville. sincerely, lindsey jo.

and we looked around at some other fancy pants places that we can't afford. like anthropologie. dumb, expensive anthropologie with all their cuteness. i'll say it again, dumb.

one nice thing about shopping in my condition is the parking..

apparently i'm a parent with a stork.

and what's with the orb on my belly?! is isaac henry a ghost?? ami, is my son actually ghosty? he is expected to arrive in october.. watch out!

we shopped 'til we dropped, then we headed to the ole cheesecake factory.

yes please. i'll take one of each.

good stuff.

so. cream. ee.

and of course there are other details. like black guy in doo-rag knocking on our door at the crack of dawn. me "volunteering" to make their blogs look cute, even though i hear orange swirly templates are all the rage! and lots of loving on one another. the weekend was as delish as the cheesecake. i loved spending time with some of my favorite girls!

one day, we'll have secret underground tunnels that connect all our homes to one another. and we'll have soundproof hangout rooms so our husbands don't leave us. mark my words.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!

    You speak about our weekend so eloquently! I love it and I love you.

    It was fabulous. I can't wait until we have our tunnels built!!!!!!!! Maybe we could build an IKEA under there but Anthropology is NOT ALLOWED!! :)

    I adore you and am so thankful for your friendship :)

  2. Oh... and you DID volunteer to HELP us with our blogs! You BEGGED to help and they look GREAT now... no more orange swirlies for me!!! :)

  3. dang i miss yall! looked so fun. if thats ghosty lj, you better not let that kid slap me. i already let one coker slap me. no matter how much i love lil hank, there aint know im gonna let another coker get away with it. =] love you girls!


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