Saturday, July 23, 2011

Allow myself to introduce... myself

While the wife's away, her husband will... work around the house take over her blog. If I had my way, most introductions would go a little like this...

But aren't dreams weird? I had a dream that my mother was hiding secret treasure in the back of some property... or at least that's where she wanted me to think I thought she was keeping it. And I don't mean treasure like heirlooms or antiques... I mean pirate booty.

So yes I am not my wife, nor do I blog like her. I like capitalization (of words and moments) and am totally addicted to ...'s. I don't know what they are called, but I love them.

Lindsey Jo is gone for the weekend with the two girls here in the middle.

I'm left to my own devices... rather her devices such as her laptop. I've also been left to deep thoughts. I was asked to write about my fears thoughts about becoming a father.

I'm terrified.

You know how people always blame their parents for their problems? I'm about to be the problem, not the solution. I'm moving from the "effect" column over to the "cause" column.

On the other hand, I'm getting pretty excited about it all. I've watched Andy Griffith, so I know how to raise a little red headed kid that turns into a movie director... so I'm hoping some of the translates to my little bear.

By the way... somewhere along the way I started calling Lindsey Jo my Bear. I think it started out with the name Sugar. Let me try to bridge this gap here because I know you're probably not seeing the connection. Sugar briefly became Sugar-butt because I thought it was funny, then became Sugar-bear... then due to laziness efficiency became Bear. To her I'm BryBear. I know, I know... try to hold your lunch down.

You see I'm excited that I get to be the Papa (Bry)Bear, Lindsey Jo gets to be the Mama Bear, and Isaac Henry gets to be the bear that has the porridge juuuuust right! I just had to google porridge because I'm a lover, not a speller.

I am excited that I get to sing the Pooh bear song out loud in public and it will be socially acceptable because I'll be with little baby. A few years from now I'll get to watch and play with Transformers and Power Rangers... and that will just be slightly more socially acceptable.

Mostly I'm excited because I love Lindsey Jo a lot. I don't know of a better time to bring a child into a family then when you don't remember loving someone more than you do right now. I started dating Lindsey Jo when she was 15 and have gotten to see her grow up and become the awesome person she is today. I don't doubt that she will love the crap out of this child. I also don't doubt that she will be able to hold on to the fun that is inside of her (metaphorically speaking... not how Isaac Henry is inside of her). Here's some awesome fun pictures I have of her that she doesn't know I have:

...action pose...

...I walked into a room and she was just lying in a big box going to town on the bubble wrap completely oblivious that I was documenting the whole thing.

...look how satisfied she is!

Yes I look forward to fatherhood. My only concern is that if we really do call him Isaac Henry every time we say his name... he will never know if he is in trouble.


  1. Best post yet! bubble has that affect on people...

  2. I'm glad that you and Lindsey Jo have each other. It makes me so happy that she has such a great husband, and I know you'll be a great father. As I've told Lindsey Jo a million times since Kari's been born, "Why can't people just leave me alone? They got a chance to screw up their kids, now I get a turn to screw up mine." You two will be perfect at this stuff - you will make it up as you go and IH will turn out just fine. As for him being in trouble, I'm no help. I can't even fathom spanking my delightful child (who keeps me up at night and I love her to pieces in spite of that).

  3. Bryant! This blog is awesome! You're hilarious! And such a sweet husband! You're gonna be a great daddy! Thanks for letting us borrow your wife for the weekend!

    PS - I'm expecting some more blog posts from you!

  4. This is WONDERFUL!! I love it.

    Loved hearing about your sweet husbandness this weekend. Thanks for loaning your wife to us for some time together!!! :)

    I'll see you when you are a daddy!! Praying for y'all!

  5. The addiction you have is to an elipsis. That's the "...". Not to be confused with an eliptical, eclipse (movie,book or astronomical event), or an epileptic. I love you Bry...Jo... and Isaac. Be careful unsual's a gateway drug.



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