Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i made some cookies. they are arguably the best cookies ever.

can't. stop. eating. them.

i'm gonna gain 28 lbs.

here's my first bountiful harvest, not including strawberries.

any ideas on what to do with three peppers? i think i'll put them in some cornbread. it's my best idea so far.

and now for some big news! bryant got a new job! it's a lot closer to home, better hours, better pay. pretty much everything awesome, like we're going to get to eat dinner at a normal time. and he'll know his son. that'll be nice.

and the more money will be good too since i quit my job. did i tell you that? well, i did. i'm going to stay at home with isaac henry full time and i couldn't be more thrilled.

anyway, he starts monday and today was his last day at e&y. so right now we're sitting on the couch.

and he's watching power rangers.

this is the life.


  1. YEAH FOR BRY's NEW JOB!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Stay home with Isaac Henry!!! Your cookies look so good I might go make some myself...maybe...I don't know if I have all the ingredients. But I'm been cooking some, and Jared doesn't look anorexic, so I feel encouraged.

  2. your cookies look delicious!
    YAY for being a stay at home mommy.. it's the best job EVER! :)


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