Wednesday, June 22, 2011

pregnancy: week 23.

i'm 24 weeks pregnant today! that's 112 days until isaac henry's expected arrival. 112. that's nothing!

in week 23..

symptoms: two new symptoms. i didn't want to tell you cause it makes me feel like a jumbo. but i've been having a little shortness of breath. and i don't have to even be active. just carrying on a conversation. awesome. also, charlie horses in my sleep. those suck. and of course, the same ole stuff is still happening.

eating/cravings: imma hungry hungry hippo. really wanted chili this week. and that's silly cause it's summer, but i can't kick the thought so it's going on the meal plan for next week. so what if it's a winter food. also, loving coke. mmm.

movement: mmhmmm. sunday we SAW him move for the first time! isn't that cool that you can see him from the outside?! i tried to take a video, but he got camera shy, so, sorry, no show & tell.

sleep: isaac henry's dance parties/judo chops begin about the time my head hits the pillow. and the charlie horses that wake me up in the middle of the night. so i'd say i'm not sleeping well, but bryant says he hears me snore, sooo..

other stuff: bryant put IH's dresser together and we should be receiving his crib this week. his little room is coming together and i love it! i still need to work on art and a little bit of the crib bedding. and bry needs to build a little book shelf. but so far it's lookin' good! we got the diapers we ordered last week, and i think we're set for a while in that arena.

i begrudgingly have transitioned to a one piece swimmin' suit. i think i was starting to scare small children in my bikini. onward to motherhood! next stop, mom jeans. ha!

also, we started a book study at church. shepherding a child's heart. that's not pregnancy related, but it's parenting related, so i figured i'd include it.

upcoming things in week 24: we go to the doctor friday. i do that glucose test where you drink that syrupy stuff.. maybe i should lay off the cokes this week. i don't want no diabeetis.

i don't know why i'm showing you what i'm about to show you. it could be because i love you. it could be because i have no shame. it could be a number of things.

set back and enjoy the ride.

check out these stretch marks boyz.. and if you look really close you may be able to see some belly hair. delish.

count yourself lucky. it could have been pictures of my ever changing areolas. which i will not be showing you. ever.


  1. oh my gosh you are sooo funny!! haha i just laughed out loud 12 times! also, should i feel special that i've seen the areolas? hmm.. i'm not sure.

    also, welcome to the one piece world! you should do tankinis! I think they are way more comfy.

    loved talking to you yesterday and i love you! and i'll be seeing you in less than a month :)

  2. I like babies...and guess what stinky butt?! You got one in your uterus! How cool is that? I think its pretty awesome. Sorry about those Charlie horses...have you tried that old know like potassium which =bananas or orange juice. And alot of times its just because you're not drinking enough water...which just might be with this coke fettish of yours. Just some suggestions...I know prolly everyone has already told you...but whats one more gonna hurt? Those dang charlie horses are BADWORDS! Love you sweet little Lindsey....JO! Ha! You thought i's gonna forget it didn't you? I wouldn't dare! Stay hairy. Peace out.

  3. This post excited me for many reasons. Areolas. I love it, and it's probably because of my breastfeeding powers. Also, I can relate to the chili in the summer craving, because I too wanted chili when it was 156 degrees outside, not 5 degrees like normal people. So, last summer I feasted on some yum o chili. And that belly hair. I totally know how you feel, considering I had an afro on mine. But, it all went away.

    Isn't it great that our children can one day read about all of the not so pleasantries of our pregnancies and still see how much we loved them? Pretty awesome, my friend.

  4. I just spurted water out of my nose. Too dang funny!


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