Saturday, June 18, 2011

pregnancy: week 22.

i'm 23 weeks pregnant today! and guess what happens to isaac henry in week 23?! he gets nipples!! bahahaha! teensy little nipples! isn't that the cutest thing ever?!

my hair is looking bumpalicious. i think it's partly shadow.

as for the belly bump, i don't feel like it's growing. bryant says he feels like it's growing, but eh. i do feel like it's rounding out in the lower part. i usually feel IH move pretty low, so it makes since that that's where my belly is developing.

symptoms: nothin' much. acne. peeing a bunch. being hairy and having stretch marks. and being hungry. and nesting like crazy! i feel like isaac henry will be here any day and i need to get everything done! other than that, we're pretty low key over here.

eating/cravings: i feel like a bottomless pit. me so hungry. this week i craved those little doughnuts, the chocolate and powdered sugar ones. and shaved ice.

movement: yep. he moves all the time and then when i put my hand there to feel it from the outside, he stops. little jerk. also, he's started kicking me in the bladder this week, which is a weird sensation. beware, i may start peeing on myself. any day.

sleeping: a little better this week.

other stuff: isaac henry's room got painted this week and lots of little things got done to make it seem like an actual nursery and not just like babies'r'us and gymboree threw up in there. we're getting the rest of the furniture this week, so it's coming together!! hooray! and we ordered more diapers this week. always more diapers.. and there's been more talk of baby showers this week. super exciting!

ummm, i think that's it.

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  1. Peeing on yourself and baby showers. Truly the best parts of pregnancy, huh? (Okay, so I'm kidding about the peeing part. But beware: that doesn't always go away after you have an outside baby!)


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