Friday, June 10, 2011

pregnancy: week 21.

22 weeks. 22 weeks. i'll have a baby in 18 weeks.

pretend i was singing that like buckwheat, "i've got a pickle. i've got a pickle. i've got a pickle. hey hey hey hey!"

ok, that's enough fun for one post..

symptoms: feeling good. one thing i didn't know until recently is that you're more sensitive to the sun when your pregnant. which makes sense since you're more sensitive to everything. but i NEVER burn and i've been having to put on 30 SPF multiple times a day [when i'm outside of course]. i have no intentions of getting sun burnt. again.

eating/cravings: i've had some intense cravings this week. sweet tarts. SHAVED ICE. from the shaved ice stand. not italian ice, shaved ice. and i felt like there was another one, but i must have satisfied it and moved on. and here's a weird craving. beer. i don't even like beer. but it sounds good. isn't that weird?! bryant thinks that i'm actually craving yeast, so i might make some really yeasty rolls or something.

movement: all the time. isaac henry is an active little man. he especially loves to freak out and have dance parties at bedtime.

sleep: up until this week i was sleeping fine. just fine. this week has been awful sleep wise. our schedule has been kinda nutso, so we're going to bed at weird times, and then i can't get comfortable and then the dance parties.. equals little to no sleep for mother dearest. conditioning for having a newborn, perhaps?

stretch marks: well duh. but i am developing an interesting stretch mark. let me tell you about it. when i was 16 i got my belly button pierced. it was dumb, i regret it, but whatever. i took it out shortly after bry and i were married, but there's still a little hole/scar. well on the piece of skin between the two holes/scars, there's a stretch mark. it's a tiny little section of skin so i'm amused that a stretch mark can even fit there, and why it would want to. if i was a stretch mark, i woulda picked a more spacious area to reside. another unsolved mystery.

other stuff: you know how last week i said i had the whole nursery planned in my head. well, i take it back. i changed my mind. but now i have the REAL nursery planned. i've ordered fabric for quilts and such. and picked out a paint color. maybe that will commence next week. i also made a few burp cloths. and ordered more diapers! the clothes he has so far are washed and organized. i think that's about it..

onto the 22nd week of gestation!

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  1. Lindsey Jo! You look so great! I am so glad that you are keeping a blog. It is so fun to keep up with your "growth"! Take good care of yourself.


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