Saturday, June 4, 2011

pregnancy: week 20.

i'm 21 weeks pregnant today.

week 20 was definitely one of the more exciting weeks of pregnancy thus far. i don't know if i can remember everything that happened this week cause it was pretty eventful. 2 doctor's appointments, a gender reveal party, registering, buying lots o' stuff, and finding out this kid is a boy!

symptoms: i feel good, na na na na na na, i knew that i would. my allergies/non-pregnancy related sickness have gone away. and i really am feeling great. just getting bigger and peeing a lot and having gross acne.

weight gain: 9 lbs. according to the doc. i'm gonna go by that cause my scale isn't as forgiving.

eating/cravings: nothing really stands out.

movement: yes! he moves all the time!

stretch marks: my belly is growing fo sho, but the cocoa butter seems to be helping so far cause there's no new stretch marks. at least that i can tell.

gender: BOY! isaac henry. i love that when i go in a store, i know to look at boy stuff.

doctor-y information: at the big ultrasound tuesday everything looked excellent. isaac henry's organs and appendages and wiener were all in the right place and growing like they should. his heart beat was in the 130s at the ultrasound tuesday and at the doctor friday. he was 11 ounces and measuring at 19 weeks 4 days. 50th percentile in everything. so, average. did you hear that?! i have an average sized kid, NOT abnormally large!!

other stuff: we registered. and i can't stop buying stuff. it is ok to change his outfit 10 times a day, right? i also bought some art for his room. and have the whole thing planned in my head. it looks good in my head, so hopefully it will look good in real life. hopefully i can get started on some of that this week. and wash/organize the beginning of IH's wardrobe. and maybe order some more diapers, in blue!


  1. i can't get enough of your cute belly pics!!! so happy for you. love seeing you grow! i totally know what you mean.. it's hard not to buy buy buy when you find out the sex. :) can't wait to "meet" this little guy.

  2. love this! so glad everything is going so well!


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