Friday, June 10, 2011

move along, nothing to see here.

i feel ridiculous telling you about my days. they aren't in the least bit eventful. except for the cma festival which i will tell you all about when it's over. but until then..

my camera is on the fritz. it keeps saying "reinsert memory card". well this just in, i've reinserted it more times than i can count! get it together camera. i've met your commands, now cooperate! so i've resorted to the good ole iphone. and using bryant's camera. it's taking some adjustment, so bear [or is it bare? what is the correct bear to use in this context?] with me and know that my photography skills will be less than impressive. especially since i have issues with photographing inanimate objects anyway. we've been through this..

i picked these strawberries from the garden this morning. i beat the birds to them. hooray!

and i painted my toenails this naked color the other day. it's boring, but i'm kinda diggin' it. for a while, at least. then i'll probably go back to being saucy and painting my toenails red.

my mother in law gave me a little aloe plant.

i planted it in that yellow pot and it's in the kitchen.

i picked up best friends forever from the library the other day. cause every book on my "i wanna read this list" was checked out. boo that. but so far this book is good, so maybe it was for the best.

i've also been wearing my hair curly.

and by curly, i mean crazy/frizzy waves. with my bangs braided back. it may not be pretty but it beats the heat of a blow-dryer, i'll tell ya that right now.

this fabric came in the mail yesterday. i'm going to use it to make some crap for a little boy i'm obsessed with.

just in case you didn't figure it out, i'm talking about my little boy.

i am not a creep.

good day, sir. i said, good. day.

and have a happy weekend!

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