Tuesday, June 28, 2011

happy things.

some things that make me happy:

easy dinners on the schedule for every day this week. lots of crockpot stuff. and these yummy chicken taquitos. they are soo going on the rotation.

snickers salad.

let me tell you more. chopped up snickers. chopped up granny smith apples. whipped cream. it tastes like a caramel apple with chocolate and nuts. and delicious.

you can thank me later.

spending time with good friends. and then in the same day, the heavens opened up and momma fulfilled one of her cravings.

it was a little heavy on the syrup. but i ain't complaining.

it really is a taste of paradise.

some sewing for a friend.

and some sewing for isaac henry. he gets jealous if you make something for someone else and don't make something for him.

it's one of his issues we're working through.

a few pillows for the big bed and burp cloths.

a step closer to a complete nursery. a crib!

and bryant coming home from work at 4:45 ish. he gets off at 4:30. that makes me want to cry. tears of joy.

going with shan to get her nose pierced.

pregnant lady in a tattoo parlor. i always try to keep it reeaaally classy. made even classier with the lovely iphone picture.

my camera is still being dumb, and that is not a happy thing.


  1. snickers salad?! mind is blown.

  2. I feel like a foodie virgin when I read he deliciously odd stuff that you eat.
    OH, I thought of you this weekend as we were enjoying our homemade cookies and cream ice cream. YUM! (Course, it's not all that "out of the ordinary" but still, you might would have enjoyed a bowl.)


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